GlobalBiz Academy

GlobalBiz Academy is a school that teaches a variety of subjects related to business topics that are crucial to the success of an entrepreneur.

Our Vision:

To empower business owners with one of the most influential tools of an affluent entrepreneur, education.

Our mission:

Our mission is to equip the business owners with educational skills that can strategically escalate their company to achieve financial empowerment.

The core values and principle:

LEARN – Learning information that is essential for the business owner.

CONNECT – Connecting with others equals learning from each other.

EXPAND – By learning and connecting you are expanding your knowledge, and as a result your business grows.


To find out more information about class schedule, curriculum, available courses, and pricing contact out main office number at (321) 363 -3157 or send us at email at You can also follow us on  and Global Business Consulting Services on Facebook to find out more about our next classes and events.