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 Marangely Rodriguez, MBA

Marangely Rodriguez
Marangely Rodriguez

CEO of Global Accounting Group, Corp.

Marangely Rodriguez is an experienced professional with over ten years of combined skills in the accounting, business consulting, auditing, and tax law fields (private and federal government). She earned her master’s degree in business administration with a minor in accounting in 2008 from Everest University in Orlando Florida, where she also completed her bachelor’s of science degree in accounting in 2005, graduating with honors in both programs.

As a former IRS and Department of Defense employee, her main focus is to ensure that clients are in compliance with federal law and regulations, avoiding complications that can take clients out of business. She has also worked in the private industry, which give her a diverse professional background to provide clients with a customized set of goals and quality services.

 She is currently the CEO of Global Accounting Group, Corp. An Accounting firm that provides a variety of accounting services to small business, helping business owners to build a strong foundation; beginning with their ending in mind, which allows them to see a bigger picture of where they are now and how to achieve their business goals. She coaches entrepreneurs to achieve their objectives one step at a time.


Miguel A Garriga, MSA

no imageBusiness Analyst

Mr. Garriga has a bachelor’s in English language arts with a minor in philosophy, a master’s degree in accounting, 18 credits completed towards MA in Information Systems. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), and certified NetWare Administrator (CNA). He has over 15 years of combined experience in the information technology and accounting field. As a Global Accounting Group business analyst he identifies the ability to manage constant change through innovation which is key to success, helping businesses to implement solutions. He runs IT, finance, accounting, marketing, and operation related projects.


Yajaira Pinott, CPA*

no imageForensic Accountant

Ms. Pinott has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 10 years of experience in the Public Accounting and Audit field. Her technical experience includes the performance of audits in the mortgage, insurance and government industries. She brings an extensive and diverse experience in compliance audits, single audit, agreed upon procedures, auditing investments, auditing IT General Controls, accounting for Loan Fees and costs, federal and state tax, and government accounting. As the Forensic Accountant of Global Accounting Group, she is in charge of conducting audits, and specialize in analyzing and investigating financial statements and reports for signs of irregularities, which may indicate fraud.


Alexis J Herrera Jimenez

no imageSenior Auditor

Mr. Herrera count with two Bachelor Degree one in Material Resources & Financials and one in accounting as well as Master Degree in Finance. He is also a Certified Auditor with experience in risk identification, control testing, and internal control. He also have experience with Cost Accounting and cost analysis. His 15 years of combined experience in the field makes a very valuable candidate in the group as his expertise support the company’s mission to achieve a top quality audit services. As the Senior Auditor he ensures successful completion of assigned audit engagements, from start to finish. Applies risk and control concepts to scenarios encountered and identifies any potential issues certifying that clients are in compliance with federal, state, local and international regulations.


Luzwilda Vargas

no imageTax Accountant

Ms. Vargas is an experience tax professional with over 20 years of experience in the accounting and tax field. For the past 20 years she have dedicated herself to tax preparation; as a former owner of Jackson Hewitt franchisee her skills in the field are unquestionable. She is also a Payroll specialist counting with an extensive background in the human resources field.

She has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. Her continuing education keep her up-to-date with tax law, human resource and payroll law and regulations. She ensures that federal and state tax are done in compliance with government regulations. She oversees the preparation of federal, state and local tax returns for businesses, organizations and individuals.


Mireya Medina, MSA

Mireya Medina
Mireya Medina

International Tax Accountant

Ms. Medina is an experience tax accountant with over 20 years of experience in the field. She has a Master degree in taxation and a bachelor degree in Accounting. Her diverse background in accounting and taxation with major companies of international prestige gives her the exceptional credential to control and manage international relationship.

She is the International Tax Accountant of Global Accounting Group and the one to “goes to” when it relates to consulting regarding to tax strategy and planning services; tax return preparation and review; planning and execution of new business development initiatives; planning and execution.


Shelly L. Wilkins

Shelly L. Wilkins

Senior Accountant

She is a success-driven and efficient Senior Accountant with over seven years of extensive experience.

Her experience ranges from the reconciliation of G/L accounts, the preparation of financial statements, budgeting, audit, financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow analysis, and tax preparation and analysis. She has experience in the Manufacturing, Government, Service, Retail, Hospitality, Law Office industries.

Ms. Wilkins is our Senior Accountant responsible for general ledger accountability, and financial reporting, as well as financial profitability analysis. She also oversees other accounting and financial functions as her extensive background make her an outstanding leader.


Jo-Ann M. Rodriguez

Jo-Ann M Rodriguez
Jo-Ann M. Rodriguez

IT Consultant
Meet our IT Consultant – Web Designer.

Jo-Ann has over 10 years of experience in the IT field. Her certifications: Security +, IBM Certified Database Administrator (DB2) .

She designed and supports our very own website. She has experience with .NET development, SQL and DB2 database platforms, HTML, WordPress etc. She brings key technical skills to our team.


Pedro I. Delgado De León, JD

no imageMarketing Executive and International Business Advisor

Our marketing executive, Mr. Delgado De Leon, count with over 6 years of sales and marketing experience in the retail industry. He has a Juris Doctor with specialized interest in International Business Law, Legal Research and Intellectual Property and Trademarks. He also have a Master Degree in Marketing and a Bachelor in International Business. With his expertise and extensive background, he supports GAG marketing and international business relations. He performs responsibilities related to legal aspect of international trade, international economy, international accounting, marketing, and business development, copyrights, trademarks and patterns.




*Certified Public Accountant in the Commomwealth of Puerto Rico

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  1. Why don’t you say what country you operate in?

  2. glacctgrp says:


    Our apologies…
    Our website is a work in progress as we build our team and web content. We are located in Orlando, FL, USA.

    Thanks for your contacting us,
    The GAG support team

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