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The Global Accounting Group (GAG) strives to bring innovative accounting solutions to your business by providing a variety of professional services to small and midsize businesses. We offer training and step by step guidance until we see your business turned into a successful company.

We recognize how hard it is for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and the challenges of turning their dream and passion into a money making reality. We also know that those already running their businesses face a lot of tests in their day to day operations. Businesses are like fingerprints: they are unique, therefore, they require their appropriate attention and customized set of resources to meet their needs. GAG is here to help you get in the right track.

Did you know?

Most businesses fail within their first 3 to 5 years of operations. Mostly due to not having a realistic plan and projection of the products or services can lead you to in the wrong direction and your dream company can end up being part of this sad but truthful statistic. GAG’s goal is to assist you from any point in the world; we do not believe in barriers or distance. Our team is highly qualified and has the experience needed to provide you with the highest quality services. Their diverse background and knowledge will serve as the foundation to set the pillar of your business vision.

The Global Accounting Group headquarters is located in Orlando, FL,  USA.

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